Tuesday, November 04, 2008

while we're waiting....

...for people to share their Boulder pictures with me, I thought we'd start catching up on baby pictures.
Fashion show!
We've discovered the couch and how much fun it is to sit and kick kick kick.

...or lay down and watch the fan go round and round.
I love this picture of Lisa reading to Katy.
So as winter has fallen upon us...so do the cute outfits. We're finding creative ways of dressing the girls up for the cold weather. So far, they don't seem to mind. And it's pretty darned cute!

This was back in early October...one of our first snowfalls of the season.
Katy being cute.
Here, we see what happens when Alyssa tries to take off her sweater on her own.

Remind you of anything? Here's a picture of Katy that I took very early one morning when I couldn't get her shirt over her head. Not much has changed. Lisa got creative and started giving them snacks in muffin tins. The girls LOVE it! And this is to prove to Sam that I stacked all of their blocks on one green one. Sadly, I wasted a lot of time doing this. Pretty ingenious construction though, right?

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Sam said...

Pure genius!!! I take it no babies or lisa were around to take the tower down while you were building it! It would have been a challenge with me and the rubber 'fail' ball around....