Sunday, November 23, 2008

blog entry number 236

Can you believe I've posted 236 times in the last 2 years? That seems like a lot.

Well winter is in full effect here. We've had a couple light snow events the last two days and it has been pretty cold this last week. We hit our lowest temperature of the season so far, 3.4 degrees above zero. Yeah, that's pretty cold. The girls are still anxious to get outside as much as they can. We went out walking again with the girls the other day and I think the temperature was only about 10 degrees but that didn't slow them down at all. It takes us about 20 minutes to get them many layers go on that they can't really put down their arms.

So the other day while it was snowing, Lisa saw a moose walk down the street and kneel down in our neighbors driveway to eat some snow. Kinda interesting if you've never seen a moose kneel.

Of course the girls had to get out on the balcony to see the moose with their own eyes.

And later they wanted to see the pictures of the moose so this is me flipping through the camera to show them the pics.

The rest of the pictures I was just messing with the camera. I'm learning all about the new toy and how to adjust the settings to take the best pictures in difficult light situations. The first one is Katy, then Alyssa, and the rest is Katy while she was laying down getting her diaper changed. She was watching a sign language dvd and completely interested in that and not me so I just kept taking pictures and playing around....and obviously zooming in a little more each time.

AND A VIDEO!!! I took this yesterday while Lisa ran to the store. I took the video because there was a bit of a meltdown going on and I was thinking how we don't have enough videos like this. They (especially Alyssa right now) are throwing more mini-temper tantrums. Alyssa was heading in that direction when I got out the camera and turned on the video. It's funny to see their reaction when they realize I was taking a video. They both just look so pathetic.

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