Thursday, November 20, 2008

Did you know next Thursday is Thanksgiving???

So we just enjoyed a fun evening of the Office, 30 Rock, and Survivor. Nate, our new friend here in Anchorage, came over for the first time and was able to experience some of my less than stellar cold weather bbq'ing. I say less than stellar because I was a little too interested in the socializing rather than focusing on the food so I managed to slightly overcook the chicken. GRRRRRR. I'll get it next time. Anyway...we still managed to have a good time. The girls were extremely entertaining tonight too. They warmed up pretty fast to Nate and even started their evening shenanigans a little early.

On to the pictures, these are from just a couple of days ago. This is the day before it got pretty cold. We took the girls out and let them walk around the cul de sac. They LOVED it...especially Katy. Katy immediately took off so I had to follow her while Alyssa warmed up to the idea of walking on the "moh". It wasn't long before both were walking as fast as they could up the street.

The girls checking each other out in their snow suits.

You may have to click on this last one to get the full affect but it's the girls' footprint in the snow next to mine. We thought it was a pretty cool picture.

I forgot to mention that these 9 pictures are ALL of the pictures I took that day. No edits. We can't take a bad picture with this camera.

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Honey said...

Andy, the pictures are incredible. The girls are growing so fast and they look so big walking with you and Lisa. I love, love love each picture. What fun that must be to get ourside and walk with them.

I also went to Nate's blog and read from the beginning. It reminded me of your first observations about Alaska. I'm sure it is fun for you to share places you have been with him. He's an adventurer like you and Lisa. Tell him I really enjoyed his blog and will be following it!

I keep watching the last two videos over and over because they are entertaining. It'll chase away the blues in a moment! Sooooo cute. I can't wait to see y'all. Love, Mom