Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome newcomers!

In the last week or so, I think we've added some new readers. I think some of my new Canadian friends may be checking the blog and also old friends that I've connected with for the first time in a long time through Facebook. Yeah, I joined Facebook as a way to keep up with the people from Boulder but it allowed me to find so many more of our old friends. Welcome aboard everyone!

First I have to show off some outfits I got the girls while I was in Boulder. I went to Target and found these. Unfortunately I underestimated their size so they won't fit much longer. Still I think they look pretty good.

The girls LOVE to step outside on the balcony and look at the snow....or as they say "moh". So we dress them up and they walk out and look around for a while.

Alyssa getting ready to go outside and look for a ....... any guesses?
That's kinda the sign for moose.

Just the other day, Lisa and I took a walk down to the lake (about 3 miles round trip). I told you it's been a cold October. The lake is frozen over pretty solid. We saw plenty of tracks out in the middle of the lake so people felt secure enough to walk out there. I'll wait till a little later in the winter before I venture out on the ice.

On our walk, which follows the creek, there was an area that had frozen earlier in the season when the water was higher and then as the water receded it left these 6 inch thick slabs of ice that broke as they came to rest on the larger rocks. I don't know if I'm describing it so you can picture it....all that you need to know is the ice was melting slowly in the sun and making some really neat ice-cycles. I literally got down on my belly on one of these slabs and took a couple pictures.

I like this one a lot. Click on it to get the full size.


Anonymous said...

When do the girls get to go play in the "mho"? This ought to be a great first and fantastic photo/movie opportunity!

Anonymous said...

could we please have video of the girls saying "moh". We really want to hear it!!!!
Aunt Christin