Sunday, November 09, 2008

a difficult evening...

I'm not sure how much I want to share in this forum, but Lisa got a difficult phone call this evening. Her aunt died today in a car accident. Please keep Lisa and her family in your prayers.

Because I try to give all of you faithful readers something to look forward to on Monday morning, I'll go ahead and post some recent photos of the girls.

So here are the coats that a native Alaskan that Lisa worked with made for the girls. They are quite warm and the girls LOVE to wear them despite the first picture of Katy showing a little protest.
After we got them on, they just wanted to lay there on their backs.
Finally we made it outside. I was able to take this one quick photo before disaster.
The girls each fell that day. First Katy fell and hit her forehead on the pavement. As I was going to get Alyssa, she fell too and split her lip. Here's Katy showing off her bruises. And Alyssa's cut lip. sad.
...moving on to happier days.

Some fun time wrestling with Dah Dah!
I am okay with showing this picture which highlights my bald spot BECAUSE it is so sweet. Look at all that lovin' I'm getting from Alyssa. Here we see the making of a teenager. Alyssa LOVES to grab the phone from Lisa when she's done and talk talk talk.
If Alyssa's talking on the phone, what is Katy doing? Cooking? Drumming????

This is Katy waking up from a nap...naps that seem to be disappearing every day. Just thought this was funny how she woke up with her feet outside the crib. All of these pictures were before I left for Colorado (so some time in early October). We had an abnormally cold October...I think it ended up being the 8th coldest on record. Here is some proof that our tree in the front yard wasn't quite ready for the weight of the wet snow.
...and the same flower that I took with the inch and a half of snow on it. This is the next morning after the snow had melted. It's not a great photo unless you zoom in and see how awesome that water droplet is on the leaf.
How can I forget? The girls being cute during lunch! Alyssa is showing us "....I don't know"
...and Katy is just plain "gansta". I don't know what I'm more afraid of...the balloons on her bib or the organic whole milk.
One last photo I took a couple weeks ago. This was a rain/snow/sleet storm late one night in Anchorage. We actually heard the frozen droplets hitting the roof so I went outside with the camera and took this photo of the white stuff coming down in the light.

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