Friday, April 05, 2013

Summer Vacation continues in DC

First thing first!  Although I am still catching up with pictures that are almost a year old now (SHEESH ANDY!!!!), today is the girl's 6th birthday.  And that means we are starting our fund raising efforts for March of Dimes!  If you notice our ticker has updated on the side of the blog and it's already showing that some money has been donated.  So I owe a post!

Thank you to the Ballards for getting us off to an awesome start again this year!  We are setting our goal very high again so we'll need EVERYBODY to contribute what they can.  Last year you helped us become the Top Walker in the state of Oregon!  I'll explain... years ago it was actually our close friend Micki who inspired us and encouraged us to join; Micki lives in Oregon.  So while all the money we raise goes into the national pot, the local recognition comes from the Oregon office.

I'll go ahead and share that I have no clue how we'll be able to reach our goal this year.  Every year, our friends and family surprise us with your generosity.  But a majority of the money raised has come from our Alaskan family.  Now that we have moved, it will be an added challenge to convince all of you Alaskan folks to continue giving.  So much of our efforts this year will have to be online!

I'm open for ideas!  Please feel free to share with us what your thoughts are...either in the comments section, facebook, email, or call!

Until we figure that out, I will tell you that we plan on raising our typical 39 days starting today and going through May 13th.  What's the significance of those dates??  That is the time that the girls spent in the NICU.  So at a minimum, we will make a post on this blog every day that we get a donation.  There have been some very creative friends that have in the past divided their money to make sure we are blogging frequently during the 39 days.  I will still honor that as long as each donation is $10 and comes in before... say....9pm??  Fair enough??

Ok, on with the pictures.  That's what you come to see anyway, right??  We pick up on our vacation after we made the 8 hour drive to DC to see my mom and dad.  First on the agenda, down the street and around the corner to Mount Vernon!

Katy styling while taking in the sites.

Walking down the steps to get to the dock

...for our tour of the Potomac River!

While we were waiting, the deck hand told us about a nest and the osprey (yes I had to look that one up) that had laid its eggs right there where the boat docks.  So while were waiting to board, we watched the it go back and forth.
 ...and we finally got a glimpse of the baby osprey in the nest. See her head poking up?

 Once we got on the boat, we realized we could get real close looking through the windows without disturbing her.  Sorry mommy osprey but that is one ugly baby!

 We also had a great perspective from up above.

PawPaw holding Alyssa up so she can see the osprey

Beautiful day for a boat ride on the Potomac

I think I actually said right before taking this picture "Hey.  Point at something!"

Too bad lady-in-pink got in my awesome picture.

family with Mount Vernon in the background
 Love these two pictures of my Mom and Dad.  Love you two!

Proof that I was also on the trip although this is how everybody will remember seeing me...with a camera in front of my face.
On the hike back up, we had to make a few stops to rest and catch up on our fluids.  I believe it was in the 90s that day.  You can tell Alyssa is a little red-faced in this picture.
Back at the museum, the girls were completely fascinated with everything GW.  Took home a few souvenirs and lots of great memories!
So I'm serious about getting a hold of me or Lisa with ideas about raising money.  I'll tell you why I'm reaching's because using my new office is out of the question.  Ethics involved with being management leaves that one off the table.  So again, I'm open for ideas!!

And here.....we....go....

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Anonymous said...

Mu initial comment that was very successful for us here in Georgetown when we raised dollars for Addie during her extended stay in the hospital for open heart surgeries - yes surgeries, was to hit up local vendors and business for donations and or gifts to put together baskets and then hold raffles. If I recall Lisa's recent comment your area has weekly or monthly outdoor movies events. Great way to reach out to people. We used local theater as our base of operations and raised thousands of dollars thanks to vendor and theater goers. Give them a chance to win something and they will give. A take off of "build it and they will come" movie line. Also consider local fairs and businesses that will support your placing donation cans in their facilities. We often found not only coins and dollar bills but "hundred dollar bills" from anonymous givers. Of course you can always count on family and friends. Think Ben would donate bike or two? We also have some awesome pictures from Palo Verde, western canyons especially slot canyons that we can convert to canvasses for you put in baskets at raffles.

More later

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