Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eagle River Nature Center and Eklutna Lake

I'm working on post number 555 of this blog thanks to a late evening donation from my parents.  
Thanks for keeping us going and helping us edge closer to our goal!

So we returned from our summer vacation to Ohio and DC, a few weeks later had some visitors come up to Alaska.  Our great friends Amy and Dave joined us for several days in early June.  If I'm remembering it correctly, Amy came first for a few days and then Dave joined us.  We had some great adventures, exploring the our typical hot spots including Girdwood and Seward.  But Amy and Dave lucked out when they booked a fishing charter out of Whittier.  Not just because of the massive 127 halibut that Dave landed, but the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!  

Dave stuck around a few days after Amy went home and we continued to take him to some fun spots.  Two of the places that we love to visit is the Eagle River Nature Center and then up to Eklutna Lake.  We arrived just in time to see this medium size bull moose lounging around and posing for some pictures.

I have no idea what Katy had to tell Dave that was so important...but it must have been pretty good.  
I can just hear her "Now Uncle Dave....listen..."

Very intense conversation!

Nature walk time.

One of our favorite places to visit.  Always perfectly still and so beautiful.

One of the Brown family's favorite past times...throwing rocks.

Just beautiful

We had seen this tree and been in it so many times before.  
It was awesome that we had someone with us to finally take a family picture this time.

A couple of fun pictures that Dave took and shared with us.

Off to Eklutna Lake.  We didn't walk too far that day.  Instead we went down to the lake and had a blast skipping rocks until our arms felt like they were going to fall off.  ...or maybe that was just me.

I have to give Lisa credit for taking this awesome picture of the kayaks lined up on the beach ready to go. 

You can't ask for a better rock skipping location!

Uncle Dave giving Alyssa a lesson in technique.


I'm pretty sure she's pointing at my rock.  
Otherwise Yankees should be calling any minute...

Best buddies.

 Great family shot.  

Thanks again Dad for donating tonight.  We're inching our way toward our goal and also we're nearly caught up with our move to Spokane!  We took some pretty amazing pictures during our journey from Anchorage to Spokane that I can not wait to share!!  Hope I get to do that soon....

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