Sunday, April 14, 2013

National Harbor

New friends in Spokane helping out our cause for a 2nd day in a row.  
Thank you Ellie for your donation this morning!!

Our next stop on our DC vacation is to the National Harbor.  How boring would it be to drive there??  When you're on vacation, you have to take the road less traveled...or in this case the river??  Yep, we took the Alexandria-National Harbor Water Taxi across the Potomac.  Our adventure starts at one of our favorite spots when we've visited my parents, the boardwalk in Alexandria.

Gotta stay hydrated!
EXTREME closeup!

 One second, they were so happy and anticipating the boat ride across the Potomac....

One second later, the captain blew the air horn.


 The recently renovated and very massive Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge.

This is where we were idea what it's called but it's a hotel and
convention center located next to the harbor.

 Check out the very ...uhhh...unique sculpture at the beach.  


We sat down to have lunch at this great sammich shop and were treated to some live music.

We walked over to the hotel to check it out and get out of the heat.  

Katy found the water fountains.

I was trying to get her to stand still and get a picture of the water jumping up behind her.
I think this ended up being a better picture.

Katy picked out THIS one... I think the price tag was something like $5000.  Brilliant.

Walking back to catch the water taxi, the girls put on a hilarious show.  This happened at every crosswalk.  The girls would make sure all the cars were stopping so we could safely cross.  I think the girls brought a lot of smiles to people sitting in their cars who would normally be annoyed by the passing pedestrians.  
Well played ladies. 

 Thanks again for the donation.  Let's keep this rolling!

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Willa said...

The pictures just keep getting better and better! I'm going to need copies of ALL of them. What a special time for all of us!!