Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Museum of Natural History


After taking a few days off, we are back on track.  Thank you Marla and Kirsten for each contributing to our cause today!  I always tell myself I'm not going to go into the history of how I know each person or family that donates...but...it's hard not point out how these two donations came from friends from different times in our lives.  Marla was a friend in high school that we haven't seen in nearly 20 years!  Kirsten was a great friend from Lisa's grad school that we haven't seen in 10+ years!!  I am just overwhelmed with how our friends now, then, and WAY back all come together.  Thank you all!!

Our next adventure in DC was taking the girls to the Museum of National History.  This was high on my to-do list.  We knew for sure the girls would love seeing the dinosaurs.  No doubt they did!  I know it's a dark picture but check out Katy's reaction in the first one.
A picture OF me that I didn't take???  INCONCEIVABLE!!!

A huge highlight of our trip was the butterfly conservatory.  We had to wait for a while to go in.  While we waited, the anticipation just kept growing and growing.  Sure enough we get in and they wanted nothing to do with the butterflies!!  They were FWEAKED OUT!

 But I was in heaven.  It was very hot and humid in there but it was great lighting for pictures.
Katy clearly is fweaked out by all the butterflies swooping down. Alyssa actually got quite brave.  She never got one to land on her but she sure did get close!

 Katy trying desperately to be brave....
Evidently Lisa is a butterfly MAGNET!  Those things couldn't get enough of her sweetness.  
I don't blame them (WINK!)

Lisa had to resort to holding Katy still because they kept going back and forth between wanting the butterflies to land on them and being overly frightened.  If you look closer you can see a butterfly right next to Katy's head.
An instant later, Katy reacts to the winged spawn of SATAN!!!  Just kidding of course...no idea why the girls (especially Katy) couldn't hold it together.

Alyssa finally was able to relax to get really close.  I think if they weren't flying, she was fascinated.  It was the fluttering wings that fweaked her out!  I love this series of pictures....studying the butterfly very close.
and closer...
...and closer!
  Another beautiful butterfly hiding in the greenery.  The full size picture is amazing!
 I should point out that this trip was the first time I really started to experience pain in my back.  I still did my Daddy-duty....but.....just wasn't as enthusiastic about it as I normally would have been. 

 Moving on, Mom and Lisa were very brave and held a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach!!  The girls wouldn't do it (nor would I) but we were all very impressed.  

 Katy amazed by the giant whale hanging over our heads.

 Interactive displays always a hit with 5 year olds. 
Enjoying the sights of DC as we walked across the Mall back to the Metro.  First we have to put on our hats, sunglasses, and re-hydrate!
Work it!!!
yes.... Yes.... YES!!!!
 We decided to sit and have a little snack.  Of course the girls found the pigeons and the chase was on.   

 Love this picture.  Poor pigeons....

We ended the day back at Honey's house with a story on the back porch.  The girls (and everybody I think) were exhausted but what an amazing day in our nation's capital!
Thanks again for the donations.  Long way to go.... who's next?!


Willa said...

AWW! Thanks for the walk down memory lane. It was an amazing few days and we saw soooo much. Your pictures are just wonderful Andy. Come back and take some more!! See you in 11 days!!!!!

Lisa said...

Great great great pictures guys!!! And I totally understand the girls fright of butterflies - they are the spawn of satan!!! :)


Lisa said...

Great great great pics guys! And I totally understand the girls fright of butterflies - the ARE the spawn of satan!