Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Move-cation day 2

Still trying to catch up on both "thank you" posts for donations as well as 
catching up on our adventures during the last 9 months. 
On Saturday, we received two more donations and nosed closer to the half way mark.  

Solum Family

I honestly don't remember our room at the Beaver Creek Lodge in Canada.  I think that means I was REALLY tired.  What I do remember is the awesome breakfast in the morning and then getting back on the road for some amazing scenery.  Here's a few pictures from our early morning departure.

Hard not to have fun with these two cuties in the back seat.
Katy got a special hair-do for the second day of the move-cation.
One of the beautiful river valleys we drove along.  
Surprisingly, not as many bugs as you would think when 
we pulled over to stretch our legs and enjoy the view.
Now this lake was incredible!!  This is the Kluane Lake and it gave us about an hours worth of scenic views.
Really love this shot of the lone canoer in front of the rain shower.
Just epic scenery.
As we rounded the south side of the lake and looked back across the cove to see this.  It was one of the "pinch me" moments on the trip.  Just couldn't believe how perfect it was.
I had to take a step back and get a picture of the Durango to give it some scale/perspective.
As we headed south, we had to go through a pass to enter back into the Alaska.  The weather very quickly turned from beautiful and sunny to cold and drizzle.
Welcome back to Alaska!

A short drive later and we found our home for the night, beautiful Haines.  We took a little drive around, got some dinner, and headed to our cabin for the night.

We've stayed at some amazing places in the 8 years we lived in Alaska...this is easily in the top 5!  How in the world did we not go to Haines before this trip?!!!

As you can tell, the sun had just set when we checked in.
Wait till you see the pictures from the next morning!!

Thanks again to the Solums and Cara for their donations.
We have just 2 weeks left to raise another $2700!!
Keep those donations coming!

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When do we get to see current day pictures and the swing set?