Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eagle Release at Eagle River Nature Center

Awesome family donation today!  
Thank you Jody and Victoria for your contribution.  
It means the world to us!

As we continue to catch up on all of our adventures, we revisit the Eagle River Nature Center a couple days after Dave left.  Every June, the Eagle River Nature Center works with the Bird Treatment and Learning Center to release a bald eagle back to the wild.  While I always seem to be working the day of the release, Lisa and the girls have been able to go two out of the last three years.  This year Mary-Beth and our friends from the movie, Carrie and family, joined Lisa and the girls for the release.

The Predeger family standing by.

Great picture Lisa!!

When the eagle was released, Lisa said that it flew to this tree and hung out for about 20 minutes before finally taking off to find a new home.  Very neat.

4 of the cutest kids in Anchorage!!

 Lifelong buddies no doubt.

Likewise, Lisa and Carrie built a special bond while filming the movie for 2 months.  We'll always have a very special place in our heart for Carrie and the rest of the family.  

Thanks again to Jody and Victoria for your donation today!  I have some great pictures that I took over the next couple of weeks.  I can't wait until the next donation so I can share!

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