Friday, April 12, 2013

Memorial Day trip to the National Zoo

I woke up this morning to an email on my phone telling me that we had another donation!  Thank you 
Todd and Margie
for your donation early this morning.  Every April and May, I'm reminded of what amazing friends we've made during our lives.  Truly feel blessed.  Thank you!

So we're up to Sunday, Memorial Day, on our DC vacation.  When I look back at all of the fun we had, this has to go down as one of the busiest and most fun days.  So many things happened that day that I have to break it up into a couple of different posts but let me lay it out for you here..

1. wake up and get dressed (pack second outfit for everyone)
2. go to Sunday School at my parents church 
3. after church, meet Tom at Chicken Out for lunch
4. sit in traffic for about 2 hours on our way to the zoo because it's Memorial Day and Rolling Thunder has half the city streets closed or blocked off!!!
5. walk through the zoo (VERY HOT day!)
6. drive past some of our favorite memorials en route to Crystal City
7. I was so impressed with the new Air Force Memorial, we got out and spent quite a bit of time there
8. go down the street and visit the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial
9 continue on to Crystal City and have dinner sitting outside at an amazing restaurant
....another story goes here that will be shared after our next donation....
10. take Tom back to his car at Chicken Out and go home and crash.

Seriously what a DAY!!!  So I didn't have my good camera at church but found this one on Lisa's iPhone.  Beautiful setting for the Memorial Day service and the start of our epic day.

Skip forward after lunch and a frustrating few hours in traffic.

Can't go to the National Zoo without stopping by to see the pandas.

 It was so hot the elephant had to take a shower.

 The meerkats were great.  Like this one of Alyssa checking it out.

We had to take lots of breaks at the zoo.  It really was a hot and humid day and none of us were dealing with the heat very well.  

Love this picture of Katy tapping on the glass right next to the sign that says "Please do not tap on glass".

Toughest moment of the day...Lisa walking into the snake room.  The girls were fascinated with the snakes.
Lisa...not so much.
You may have to click on this picture to appreciate what's happening.  This guy was up against the glass watching all the kids very closely.  Very neat to see.

 This frog was SO small.  It took me forever to find it and then once I found it, Katy begged me to take a picture for her.  So here it is...for Katy.
 Speaking of Katy, looks like she is making poo poo in her diaper?  Nah...just pouting behind a tree for some reason.  I told you it was a log day
Mother/son strolling around the zoo.

I think at this point the girls were EXHAUSTED!  I remember having to take at least 5 pictures because they wouldn't stand still.  But this one turned out pretty funny.
Time to pet some farm animals.
...followed by hand sanitizer.
Great picture of the girls playing in the mister while we waited for Dad and Tom to run back to the top of the hill to get the car.
Stay tune.  The next set of pictures contains my favorite picture from the whole trip!  Yeah that's saying a lot too considering all the amazing things we did.

Thanks again Todd and Margie!

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