Friday, April 22, 2011

Up up and away!!

Well evidently I never hit PUBLISH last night!! I blogged before I went to bed late last night but forgot to publish it.

The Ballards!!! Thank you Ballards for you support every year!! You are two amazing people!!

The pictures I wanted to share are very appropriate...since the Ballards are both meteorologists. We had an awesome day but one of the highlights was going to the office and watching the balloon go up for the first time. Go ahead and ask, how to you work for the NWS and the girls haven't seen that??? No just hasn't happened. So today was the day.

View from the inflation building...which is why I like to take a walk at least once every shift. Not a bad view at all.
While we were waiting, Lisa was teaching the girls "SUPER STAR!!"
We are of course near the airport so when the wind is coming from the south, the planes take off practically right over us. I like this one a lot.
Because it was kinda windy, we didn't let the girls help...just stood back and watched. They were still very excited. At one point, Katy blurts out "this is SO COOOOOL!!!"
And it's off!
Classic Katy.
Thank you again Ballards!!

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