Thursday, April 21, 2011


Wow we are making some serious progress!! Thanks to 3 more donations, we have blown past the $1000 mark!

Thank you Foisy's for your donation today. The Foisy's just recently added a beautiful baby girl to their family. Congrats to them! It also speaks to their character and generosity that they found it in their heart to donate.

Thank you Nate!! Nate is a buddy that moved away from Alaska way before he should have. Look back at almost every fishing trip I've had and Nate is close by. If he wasn't there physically, he was there spiritually because I was drawing from his wise mentoring or using the flies that he made me! This is another guy that fell in love with my girls. I LOVED seeing the girls interact with Nate...and I can't wait to see it this summer when he comes back to visit. Can't wait to go fishing with you again this summer, Nate!

Third donation came from a great friend. I can't share who it is... but I can still tell him and his wife how much we appreciate their contribution. You guys are amazing parents!! Truly, thank you!!

Today, we had a crazy day....seriously a crazy day. The story goes... Lisa is involved now with several parenting and support groups at the hospital. Through some of those connections, she found out that there is a need for twins at a local talent agency (I think that's what they are) who is providing the extras for an upcoming movie to be filmed in Anchorage next month. Follow that?? So we have exchanged several emails with pictures and videos of the girls but today was the actual audition for the movie.
It went great. The girls were excited to "meet the people". First came a few pictures.
The girls talking about how the photo-shoot went.
Then we moved on to the video part of the audition. In this room, there was a videographer (Doug) who didn't say a word and the scout (I think) who was doing the "directing". All that happened was asking the girls simple questions, asking them to jump, and then told them to play with a little toy (to see how they followed direction). They did GREAT! They spoke up and did everything they were supposed to. It was fun to watch them.
So there you have it. Only doing this because it could be a fun way to earn some easy money for the girls college fund. As soon as this turns into something that isn't fun or something we don't believe in, we're OUT! But...we'll check it out.

They start shooting next month so we will hear back in a couple of weeks if the director wants to use the girls.

After we left, we found a nearby park and let the girls release some of that energy.
Here are few random pictures from the last couple of days.

First is Alyssa checking...her ... uhh.. email??? What the...??
Lisa took this one of the girls painting. Always funny when they are in identical poses.
Can't forget the sad and pathetic moment. Katy fell while playing outside and this was the cleaning of the cut on knee. Notice how Alyssa is being very supportive while Katy screams her head off.
Thanks again for the donations!

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