Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Going to be hard to keep track of all my great friends.....

Shaun... my man, Shaun!!! What a guy!!

Not only is he a great guy who donates selflessly every year to March for Babies, but he helped pick me up today when I found out some bad news. 'Nuff said. Thank you Shaun for being a great friend!!

And for Shaun's contribution, I will finish up part 2 of the early Easter Eagle River celebration...say that 5 times fast!

We pick up the festivities as the kids were lining up youngest to oldest to take a few whacks at the pinata.
Boys first...
Look at the anticipation...
...the focus
...the joy!!
One thing this dad did was teach his daughters how to swing a bat! I wish I could have seen it in action.
Good. Nice follow through!
Tongue is out... nice form!!
Keep your eye on the prize babe!
They earned it.
...and my favorite pictures from the day. The girls fell asleep on the ride home understandably. When Lisa tried to wake them up, they were a bit grumpy. To me, it looks like they had a little too much to drink... I mean, too much FUN!
They are going to hate us one of these days for these pictures.

Again...thank you Shaun. Waiting on more donations for more posts!!

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