Sunday, April 17, 2011

Awesome new friendship...

Isn't it awesome when you make new friends and they "get it"?! Mary-Beth, a new co-worker, 'gets it'! We haven't known her for very long but she understands how important March for Babies is and how much it means to us. Thank you, Mary-Beth! This post is for YOU!

Lisa and the girls headed north to Eagle River today to enjoy the nice weather and an Easter Picnic...complete with a bunny parade, Easter egg hunt, and a Easter Pinata! Sounds like a good time to me.

The girls met our friend Jennifer and her twin 3 year olds, Noah and Avery, for the festivities.

Noah...with style!
...and Avery
The girls!
Notice how the twin boys on the left chose to ride the swings one way and the twin girls on the right are sitting pretty. Hmmmm...interesting.
"The hills are aliiiive....with the sound.." ah nevermind.
picnic time
Girls look a little excited to find some eggs!
Katy!! A blue egg!!!
A great time was had by all...and guess what. There's more!!! Still plenty more pictures to share so keep those donations coming. Thanks again Mary-Beth!!!


Jennifer said...

what beautiful girls and what handsome companions! LOL

Honey said...

Nice baskets!! *Wink*