Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's that time of year!!!


Time to raise money for a great cause!!! For any newcomers...here's the deal. Every day that we get a donation, we will make a post on the blog. It may not sound like much, but that's one of the ways we like to encourage people to donate.

So tonight starts our fund raising efforts! I promised some more pictures from the girls' "Kapunzel" birthday party and here they are (some of them at least).

First, the cake! Lisa found a lady that makes awesome cakes. The cake came out GREAT!
Alyssa getting ready for the big party.
The grand reveal. Unfortunatly I had my new lens on and was WAY too close to capture the moment. Still you get the idea.
Lisa did most..ok ALL..of the decorations. The one thing that I contributed was some frying pans, shaped out of styrofoam and painted.
The "floating lights". Lisa and the girls made lanterns for all the girls that came out. Great idea!
Katy ready to get the party going.
Alyssa too.
Am I not the luckiest guy on the planet?!!!
I love this one of Katy telling someone how old she is now.
Malena very serious about the party!
Time to dance.
Sorry, I was messing with the white balance during the party...trying to find the right settings so a few are a little yellow/orange.
Katy ... SO excited!

LOVE...LOVE this picture!! I wish I could have got both girls face in the picture but I love the thumbs up.
Good start? I have PLENTY more. They just keep getting better! So from now on, if we receive a post then I'll post on the blog. The walk is May 21, 2011 so we have 38 days!

You can click on the link to the right to donate which will take you here...our March for Babies peronal page. Help us reach our goal of $4000 this year!!!

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