Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm just sayin!! Sam moved away from us a little over a year ago and he's been dearly missed ever since. This guy loves our girls. I know, I know... you ALL do! But Sam surprised me with how much he really cared about my girls.

Maybe Sam IS one of my children!! Sure does look like them when he's sleeping!

One more...

Well Sam donated last night so this post is for him. And it's especially funny because Sam (and a few others) have an insanely embarrassing photo of me so I'm walking on thin ice sharing these old photos of him!

On to the food!! The girls had a great time eating the ferocious Easter bunnies on sticks...ears first of course.
The carnage!
Thanks again, Sam! Who's next?? I promise not to show old photos of the next person to donate. ;)

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