Thursday, March 29, 2007

Week 30 Checkup

We had our weekly checkup on Wednesday and.........managed to buy ourselves another week. Actually our next appointment isn't until next Friday so we'll be at 31 weeks and 2 days at our next appointment.

As strange as it seems, the condition has continued to reverse itself. Just 3 weeks ago, Alyssa had 75% of the placenta and Kaitlyn only had 25%. Last week was the first sign that it had stabilized or maybe had reversed but this week's appointment confirmed that. Ms. Katy seems to have the majority of the fluid in the placenta and Alyssa is becoming pinned to one side.

Although it was explained as being very rare, the doctor was not at all concerned. He said that the girls aren't in any more danger than they were before...that it won't progress to the point of putting them in danger. They won't let it. If it gets to that point now, they'll just deliver. We will continue to go in once a week for the next 2 weeks and then begin going in twice a week after that until delivery. We get the impression that they are shooting for a 34 week delivery.

We are still focused on April 11 (32 weeks) especially after the minor scares we've had this week. Lisa is getting more uncomfortable every day so it will be a test of endurance, that is for sure.

All in all, it is great news and we continue to feel very fortunate. Thank you for all your is definitely helping.

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Amy said...

Lisa and Andy,

Hang in there!! You guys have been doing a wonderful job caring for your baby girls and taking great care of each other! Can't wait to hear how the shower goes!

Amy and the boys