Wednesday, March 07, 2007

whew....went well today

We were worried for no reason. Things went very good today.

The OB was very positive and assured us that those new aches and pains that Lisa's been having this week are "normal". After talking about it, she ruled out contractions and said it sounds more like the babies are just getting big. Her blood pressure is right in the middle of normal and the babies heart rate were both in the 140s....again, normal.

We moved down the hall to the perinatologist. Again, they had nothing but good news for us. The dopplers were all "perfect" and the fluids were acceptable. Dr. Isada came in and said it appears to be a 75/25 ratio but Katy (the donor) still has plenty of fluid in there with her.

The biggest revelation was that Katy has flipped over. She must have plenty of room if she can flip over. This would also explain why Lisa has felt different these last couple of days and has been feeling her stick out in ways she hasn't before. It was funny to see them both upside down, face to face, and almost fighting for room. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures. This was our first ultrasound that we didn't leave with at least one picture. There's always next week.

They also spent some time looking at the cervix. What may ultimately lead to a premature birth is the weakening of the cervix. We were told today that if it measures less than 3 cm, then there is some concern and they'll take a closer look. We didn't realize this but last week it was close to 3 cm. This week was measuring almost 4 cm so they felt much better about that.

It ended with Dr. Isada telling us to "continue doing what you're doing and we'll see you next week." I asked AGAIN if he had an idea of how early we may deliver and he said that he didn't see why we wouldn't make it past 30 weeks. We still got the impression that 30-32 weeks is his best guess.

For now, we bought another week. We'll be at that magical 28 week milestone next Wednesday...a HUGE milestone. Keep us in your prayers.

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