Sunday, March 04, 2007

Iditarod 2007

The iditarod started on Saturday so we went down to check it out. Lisa went out too!!! Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "You took your 26 week and 3 day pregnant wife out in 15 degree weather while she should be on strict bedrest????!!!!" The simple answer is well, yeah. It is the Iditarod. Actually, we bundled up really well and were only outside for maybe 30 minutes. We took a lawn chair, that sank about a foot into the snow (imagine that), and Lisa spent the whole time sitting back waving at the Iditarodders. It was pretty fun.

Last year, we went downtown which was a litle more exciting but there are SO many people. On the way home, we saw where the trail went under one of the main drags and into a park. We pulled over and were able to wish the Iditarodders well with less people and fencing. This year, we went back to that spot where we could easily find a parking place across the street and have plenty of room to snap some good photos. Speaking of........

Lisa and I as the mushers go by for their 1100 mile journey to Nome

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Amy said...

Very cool (no pun intended of course)! And I'm sure the babies enjoyed their trip out (as well as Mom and Dad!). Much love to all of you...and hopefully I'll be seeing you very soon!