Thursday, March 01, 2007

26 weeks, 1 day

We're inching our way to 28 weeks and beyond. Actually it seems to be going pretty fast. I can't believe it's been since Sunday that I've posted. It feels like that was yesterday. Lisa may have a different perspective.

The checkup on Tuesday went very good. Again, the perinatologist said that it appears the donor has less fluid and the recipient has more but it isn't anything to be concerned about. Actually, let me take this moment to share the names so I don't have to refer to them as donor/recipient.

The donor/smaller/feisty one is Kaitlyn Marie
The recipient/bigger/has a swimming pool to mover around Alyssa Renee.

Kaitlyn is already being shortened to Katy. The name Katy, to me, is perfect for her personality so far. She's a fighter...she's the one that is ALWAYS moving and giving the ultrasound tech fits eventhough he keeps saying that she should be easier cause she has less room to move around in. Every time it happens, Lisa and I kinda laugh and look at each other and say..."that's SO Katy".

Lately, Alyssa has been making her presence felt too. She's been more and more active and sometimes when they're both going, we picture them having a dance-off in the middle of Lisa's belly. They just go back and forth. It's fun to watch and feel.

Anyway, back to the appointment. All of the dopplers looked good and the doctor again said that there was no reason for hospital bedrest or even to start coming in twice a week to keep a closer eye on them. The impression I'm under is that will be the next step. At some point, Katy's dopplers will show signs of distress so we'll start going in twice a week until it progresses enough that they want to monitor it daily or hourly at the hospital.

Their estimated weights were the most exciting to us. Last time we had a full ultrasound (which led to the first peri visit), they were 12 and 10 ounces. Just over a month later, Alyssa is 2 pounds and Katy is 1 pound, 12 ounces!!! NOT TOO SHABBY!!! My girls are bulking up nicely. It must be all those protein shakes.

I had them print out the summary so I'll scan that in so the people that check this with more experience can look through and add anything they'd like to.

So we bought ourselves another week. Our next checkup is on Wednesday. Lisa had her second steroid shot on Tuesday that helps develop the babies lungs in case they're born early. It is great to have that under our belt.

In other news, Lisa's dad is here!! He arrived Tuesday afternoon and will be here through Monday night helping us out. He's been great. He spends the days keeping Lisa company while I've been sleeping (night shifts). He has definitely taken some pressure off me by helping clean up, assisting with dinners, and walking the dog....which I'm not sure he's enjoying too much considering it's been in the single digits and now it's windy too. Yikes it's cold.

I'll leave you with this moose that's been hanging out in our yard lately. We think he's about a year old and a boy.

I also updated the nursery pics below.

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AAO Road Rats said...

There are an awful lot of moose pictures and not so many belly pictures on this site! The nursery looks great, you guys. i love the colors! I can't wait to see it in person. The news on 26 weeks is so great! Those prayer really count for everything, don't they? I just wanted to say again how proud i am of both of you for continuing to be optimistic and so genuine during this whole thing. you are an inspiration to everyone that knows you and gets to share in this life with you. Katy and Alyssa are so lucky to have parents like you...truly blessed. That is how i feel as well to know you, truly blessed. Thank you for bringing Christ's light and grace to the world for us to see and remember. You continue to be in my prayers and i look forward to meeting these two little angels. God Bless you