Wednesday, March 14, 2007

28 WEEKS!!!!!

We've made it! 8 weeks ago after our 20 week ultrasound, our OB told us "let's just make it to 28 weeks. If we can get to 28 weeks, I'll be happy". Well, we've done it.

Our weekly checkup went really well again today. The doctor had an emergency so he stuck his head only in for a minute but looked at the essential stuff and said "Looks great. We'll see you next week" and he was off. The technician spent 20 minutes or so looking at the dopplers. The ladies were VERY uncooperative. I was actually entertained but the tech didn't seem to be so enthused. Alyssa and Katy were moving and dancing and giving him all kinds of fits. We theorized that it was the music we were listening to on the way to the hospital. I popped in a pop cd I burned for Lisa a long time ago. When it got to Will Smith "gettin jiggy with it", the girls started DANCING. I was driving with one hand and feeling Lisa's stomach with the other and boy were they moving around. It was pretty funny.

Alright, we thought it was time to update the belly shots. These were taken today after our appointment.

...and now for the latest on the nursery. Lisa's dad helped me put together a new closet. Here are a couple shots of the before, during, and after.


Kara said...

Congratulations on making it to 28 weeks. Here's hoping you can make it to 34 weeks!!!

Amy said...

I'm very happy for you! Thinking of you always!


Mom &/or Dad said...

Great photos! As beautiful as Lisa has always been, she has never looked so great. Congratulations on making to 28+. As difficult as it may be, every day after this is a significant benefit for Alyssa and Katy. We are so proud of you both and praying for as many days as the Lord will allow.

Our thanks to Lisa's dad for his help on the closet project and everything else he did while he was there.

And just so all know...the condition you have is, indeed, contagious. You have successfully "infected" your older brother and his wife. For all your readers, Scott and Aly are now expecting their #2 in November! Wouldn't it be something if they were expecting twins!!!!!

Danielle & Kevin said...

I have such a great feeling about your little ones! What a great place to be...28!!!! Wooo hooo! I am so impressed with your up beat attitude and positive thinking! I think that is why you are doing as well as you are!!

So happy to hear the good news!
:) Danielle