Sunday, March 11, 2007

Snowboarding on Friday

Ben and Lisa R. took me snowboarding on Friday. The three times I've gone this year were all pretty crappy. It seemed like when I could go, it was warm and the snow was hard and icy. Finally, we had some fresh snow earlier in the week so Lisa B was cool enough to let me go out for a couple hours.

I had a blast. I should have worn one more layer but the snow was very nice...probably the nicest I've ever been on. Ben took this picture of me at the very bottom of the lift. The view of Anchorage and the Alaska Range was incredible. Mt. McKinley and Mt. Foraker were HUGE!! (not pictured)

Thanks Lisa R and Ben for taking me (and letting me steal your picture) and Lisa B for letting me go!! I love you babe!

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Danielle & Kevin said...

Hey Guys!!! You are almost to 28!!! That is so great!!! I have such a good feeling! I am keeping all four of you in my prayers! Ohhhh..they told us 25/75 split and we had an MRI. It turned out to be 35/65. A little bit better. Please keep posting!!