Sunday, February 25, 2007

nursery looking good (updated)

I finally finished the painting. It has definitely grown on us. We each stop every time we walk by the nursery and stick our head in. It looks better every day. It isn't nearly as bright as I thought it was and it will be even better once we get the furniture and wall stuff in there.

I'm standing by the window looking back at the closet. We're going to get new doors and put in of those cool closet organizers with shelves.

What'cha think? It really grew on us. We think it is going to be great.

It's okay if you don't like it. Our close friends went to Oregon State and their rivals are U of Oregon...the ducks...whose colors happen to be green and yellow. It wasn't their favorite choice of colors. I understand that. If they had painted their nursery burnt orange, I probably would have thrown up...literally.

Other news...we have come across some great stories and even more phenomenal people. Two quick stories....

We were at Toys R Us on Tuesday after our appointment looking at some of the stuff we registered for. We were looking at the big double stroller as another couple came around the corner and were looking at the same stroller. They asked if we had twins and we pointed to Lisa's belly. They told us that they just came from the hospital where their baby girls are in the NICU. They had complications (not TTTS) at 24 weeks and were flown from their home in Kodiak City to Anchorage to go on bed rest at Providence hospital. 3 weeks later, their 2 baby girls were delivered. We never found out their weights at birth but at 27 weeks, we imagine they must have been pretty tiny. 1 month later, the 2 of them (actually the 4 of them) are doing good and expect to be going home in another 3 or 4 weeks. We talked for 20 minutes and shared both of our stories. I've said this before but it has been very reassuring hearing similar stories and the similar emotions that others have gone through. It was so uplifting...and truely an amazing story.

On a side note...the guy was a Coast Guard rescue swimmer!! What a bad ass! He was telling us how when he found out they might lose their girls, he cried for 2 days straight. His wife kinda chuckled and said, "yeah, a rescue swimmer crying for 2 days straight?!" I nodded and let him know I went through a very similar time where I didn't know what else to do but cry. It was such a random but touching meeting. When we left, I turned and asked Lisa if that really just happened? It was if God just put these 2 angels in our lives minutes after we left our last appointment with the most sobering news we'd had in the last several weeks.

The other quick story is a couple that posted a message on the Week 25 update and also posted on the TTTS foundation forum. Many, many stories have touched our hearts but being able to read Kevin and Danielle's blog from diagnosis to present (2 healthy 5 month baby boys) was an incredible experience. I was moved to tears several times and am SO happy for you and your boys. You have touched us sincerely and echoed our sentiments. I pray that we will be as fortunate and brave as the two of you were through your ordeal. I've linked their blog at the top or you can click here and check it out.

While we put faith in God that everything will work out, it is without a doubt the most trying time I've ever gone through and know that it will only get more difficult until those babies are in my arms. Thank you for praying for us. We thank God every night when we lay down and pray together that we have so many wonderful people thinking of us.

One more thing. Our dear friend, Vanessa (blog here), got us connected with an organization called Twin Hope. It is a fantastic resource. She also got us bracelets to wear and Lisa a necklace with the Twin Hope logo on it. Very cool stuff. You can go here to check it out.

An organization that we turned to the minute we were diagnosed is the TTTS. The people over there have been fantastic and so supportive.

I just realized why I'm thanking everyone. I'm watching the OSCARS!!! It's put me in the mood to thank the people that have supported us. Pretty funny actually. I guess this is the time where the music would start playing and I begin yelling that I'm not done yet.



Danielle & Kevin said...

Hi Andy and Lisa! Thank you so much for your sweet comments about our blog!!! I am so glad we can provide hope for you!!! You really are amazing parents..that is so obvious. If you ever need anything at all...please let me know! I will send you my email address on the TTTS website. Andy, I also wanted to let you know that I think it is great how involved you are! My husband was the same way!! People forget about the guy a lot...and they shouldn't!! This is just as hard for you!!

Thanks so much for the update and I love the nursery! The oscar comment also made me laugh!! Too cute!

Keep us posted! I am sending lots of warm thoughts and prayers your way!

Kara said...

Your nursery is beautiful....great colors!

To ditto Danielle's comment, it is great, Andy, that you are so involved. My husband was as well. He was my support system from the very beginning. He helped me through the surgery, bedrest, and delivery. It is so important to have that support when you are going through this.

My prayers and thoughts are with you.