Friday, May 03, 2013

Move-cation day 4

What a day yesterday!  I put in 14 hours at work so I didn't get a chance to update the blog.  Now I have a nice long weekend to get all caught up.  So tonight we thank Donna for her donation.


Cousin Donna!!!

Blog time, we are now up to our first full day on the ferry from Haines, AK to Bellingham, WA.  Reluctantly, the girls went to sleep in our relatively large room.  We had two bunk beds in 1 of the 4 largest rooms available on the boat.  Thanks goodness because even this was a tight squeeze for the 4 of us.  So we woke up to beautiful weather...and decided to go really explore our home for the next 4 or 5 days.  It was a bit chilly but the weather was PERFECT!!  Not many people have taken this trip and been treated to blue skies and calm winds the whole day down to Bellingham!

This is the view from the observation room.  It was set up like a theater of seats with the windows up front.  I thought this was a great shot giving perspective of our view down the Inside Passage.
Back to the room.  Here's the view from our window.  Amazing how narrow the passage is.

Passing time...we bought several games to keep us entertained.  Here's Lisa and the girls playing dominoes on the back deck.

The first quick stop on our way was Juneau but that happened in the middle of the night.  The second stop was Sitka.  We were unsure at first what to do...if we should stay on or hop off and walk around.  After going back and forth, we decided to take the hour and a half stop and take a walk.

There was a nice trail from the dock to a park and then a bridge/fish viewing area.  We really needed to stretch our legs (yes, even that early in our trip) so we jumped off the boat and went for it.  Wise choice!! not nearly as spooked by butterflies...really wanted to get close to this one.  A second later, it flew off and I believe it led to some tears.

So just another quarter mile away was a small river where the salmon were gathering to make their run.  Near the bridge, the water was boiling with activity.  I was trying to point it out to the girls and they kept saying "where??  Where?!!"  So this was my effort to show them where!

We quickly walked down to the bridge and couldn't believe our eyes.  Salmon EVERYWHERE!!!!  If you can't see them, click on the image so you can see just how many salmon were below us. 

No kidding... could not believe how many fish were swimming around under our feet.

This father and two daughters fishing from their boat was pretty funny.  Of course, they were pulling in fish after fish.  The girls liked watching because of all the salmon that were jumping out of the water.  This picture, there are two salmon completely out of the water.

I like this one with this salmon shooting straight up.

There was quite a bit of drama on the way back.  Something irritated Katy and she CRIED the whole walk back to the boat.  I think this was Lisa finally agreeing to give Katy a piggy-back down the ramp to the boat.

When we got back on, we had just a few minutes to go to the car if we needed to.  Katy wanted to come with me...not knowing that there are these HUGE fans that blow air from one side to the other to keep it well ventilated.  I like this picture of Katy standing next to the Durango with her ears covered.

So there are actually quite a bit more pictures from this first day including an AMAZING sunset.
I'll continue with tomorrow night's post.

Thanks again Donna for donating!!

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