Saturday, May 11, 2013

life in Spokane

What a day!!!!  I knew we would finish strong but you all really came through today!  A big 


to Katrina, 
& Mom and Dad!!!

HUGE DAY!!!!  Thank you all for getting us very close to our goal with just a couple of days to go!!

In the blog world, we have settled in our new home.  Not gonna lie, it hasn't been easy...but we are certainly loving our new home.  Spokane is the perfect fit for this family!  Today, I wanted to share some pictures from our first sledding adventure.  We had talked about this little hill right across the street from our house as the perfect sledding hill for months...but finally in December I took the girls over with just enough snow on the ground to finally give it a try.

Obviously the girls weren't the only ones excited about sledding!

I have to give credit to Alyssa for this one.  She was the first to run toward the disk and jump with reckless abandon!  But Katy soon followed and then it became a game of who could run and jump on a moving disk.  

 Game on!!!

One of my favorite know it's not going to end well.

Alyssa was attacking this thing with no fear....just run, jump, and..... whatever!

While I wouldn't run and jump, I was still having fun!

Another awesome series of pics.  Looks like it's going go well....

...and then....

Honestly shocked nobody got hurt here.  I was trying to slow us down as fast as I could but limbs seriously could have been tangled.

Very fortunate the worst happened was Katy got a face full of snow.

Though we didn't get "Anchorage snow".... we had just enough to keep us happy.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who helped us raise so much money for a great cause!  Sunday and Monday are our last 2 days.  Anybody else out there who would like to give????

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