Monday, May 13, 2013

Mission Accomplished!!!

Time for a celebration!!  You all did it!  Here we are again on the 6th anniversary of the day the girls came home from the NICU.  May 13th has turned into an annual celebration....because of YOU!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed this year.  You helped us reach our two goals we had this year.  While we didn't match last year's $6700, I am VERY proud of our $5900!!


On our last day, we received 5 more donations....icing on the cake!  Thank you....

Wise family, 
and Dan!!

To keep us in the festive mood, I'm fast forwarding the blog time to mid February when the girls' movie was released on dvd.  I already shared some of these pictures on facebook but it's worth showing here.  This was nearly two years in the waiting.  Since we wrapped up filming early July of 2011. we have been on a roller coaster of guessing if it was going to be a movie, a TV series, or a combination of both....then if it was going to be released in the theater or straight to dvd.  FINALLY in mid February I went to the local Target and picked up 3 copies of Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewel.  

Since we couldn't be in Anchorage or LA with all of our friends from the film, we decided to have our own red carpet movie premier right here in Spokane.  What an exciting night!!

First, a little red carpet action.  The girls got all dolled up for the big night.  I thought they looked great and played the part of movie star even better! 

Alyssa already tired of the paparazzi.

Katy....equally beautiful and ready for the camera.

Whoah... WORK IT GIRL!!

I got the girls some flowers for their big night.  They certainly deserved that....and more.  I think back at the long days, hard work, and how much they matured during that two months.  They started filming as toddlers and finished as little ladies.  I am SO proud of them for taking on this adventure and thriving.  
It has been the theme of their lives so far.

I love this shot of the first time "Gabi" showed up on screen.

If you've seen the movie, this might surprise you....but it was better than I thought it would be.  I had my doubts but they did a great job of making a very silly kids movie.  It's clean and full of action.  Yes silly....but I thought appropriate for the target audience; 6 year olds.  

Our favorite part...seeing the girls names on the credits.  Just absolutely surreal!!

Things got a little crazy after we watched it.  There are many more pictures but too crazy to share here.  

So that's it for our 2013 March for Babies fundraising effort!!  We'll do it again next year from April 5th to May 13th.  Can't wait to see what we can accomplish.

In the mean time, I promise to keep the blog going this year!  
No more catching up on a years worth of pictures and stories.

Thanks again everybody for making this a very special and memorable year!

Andy, Lisa, Alyssa, and Kaitlyn

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