Wednesday, May 08, 2013

first day of school

The best neighbors on the planet donated today!!

  We love and miss you very much!

I'm glad we get to share these pictures today.  It is such a big day for every kid and so difficult for overly protective parents like us to be forced to admit our babies are growing up.  The weeks leading up to the first day of kindergarten were pretty stressful.  By this point, we had moved out of our first temporary quarters and found a nice place that we were going to stay until we moved into our house.  In the mean time, our offer had been accepted and we were working toward closing the last week of September.  The challenge was convincing the school district to let our girls start school when we didn't have a permanent address yet!!  It took some convincing but we were able to enroll them, meet their teacher, and buy all the school supplies with just a day or two to spare.

Nervous???  Naaaahhh!!
 They were so excited!

 Their Disney princess backpacks.
 ONE MORE PICTURE!!  How many times did we say that??
 Katy walking to the car...ready to go!

Love this one of Lisa holding on as long as she can.  :)

It was a little overwhelming when we first arrived.  There were kids and parents EVERYWHERE.  I think it's the first time the girls looked around at the chaos and might have been a little nervous.  

They really were excited.  You could see them looking around, soaking it up, curious, excited, nervous.
..all at once.  

Okay.... ONE more picture.

There's the excitement!!

I was so proud of the girls.  When all the kids started to line up, there were lots that wouldn't leave their parents!  So many parents had to line up with their kindergartners.  Our girls held hands and went over there together and waited.  So proud of them.

I don't know that they said a word....just looked around and soaked up everything going on around them.

Time to head to the classroom.  I like this series of pictures...the girls holding hands and Alyssa turns around one more time to wave goodbye to me and Lisa.

Love this moment.

...and this one.  Big brave girls.

Their teacher, Mrs. Mellott, taking all of her kids into the classroom for the first time.

 How you holding up Lisa???  Not too bad.  
I think she was able to hold back the tears until we got back to the car.
I went to work, told everyone I had a conference call and closed my door....then cried like a baby!!!!!

Thanks again Petersons for your donation today!  5 days to go!!  Who's next????

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