Wednesday, May 15, 2013

first visit from Anchorage friends

I have to admit that I'm a little addicted to posting on the blog again.  Last year (and maybe the year before that) I pretty much stopped posting after the fundraising was done.  Well I'm at that crossroads again and this time I'm choosing to keep it going!   The biggest reason is I have some great pictures/stories that I still want to share.  First non fund raising pictures are from mid March when our good friends from Anchorage visited us.  We had just the weekend but we managed to squeeze in a lot in those short few days.  One of the highlights was taking them downtown to show off our park.  Such an awesome downtown.

Sure do love our carousel.

Although not everyone was as enthused.  Such beautiful eyes.

It was great being able to share our new home with old friends.

Plus me, Lisa, and the girls got to do something we had been talking about for a long time...
finally play on the giant radio flyer!!!

This may or may not be our Christmas card picture this year.  :)

We went down to the riverfront so the kids could get some energy out.  
This guy looks like he was not amused with the he's stalking us!

Great picture... but have to confess that this picture took a LONG time to get.  The girls were so excited about the blocks, it became quite the bit of drama for them to just stand there and look at the camera!!

The river was ROARING!  We had seen the falls many times over the winter but never like this.  And apparently the peak flow isn't until about now in mid May.  We need to get back downtown and check it out.  As impressive as this was, it would probably blow our mind! 

Standing on the bridge, we couldn't hear ourselves.  It was so impressive.  I think Alyssa even asked to get off the bridge because it was too scary!

Another view of the falls from the bridge. 

I didn't know Lisa had taken this picture of Andy and I (apparently twins) outside grilling.  No idea why we were both decided to wear the exact same thing.  Pretty funny.

Crazy amazing time having our very close friends visiting.  We're going to have some more Anchorage friends come see us this summer.  Can't wait to share Spokane with you all!

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