Monday, May 06, 2013

final day on the boat

Today we thank the Foisy's for their donation


We are about $2400 from our goal with just ONE WEEK LEFT!!! Get your donations in soon!

Blog time, we are down to our last 24 hours on the boat heading from Haines to Bellingham.  After our last stop in Ketchikan, we had no more stops until we arrived in port in Bellingham.  
On the agenda....just hang out and soak up the beauty!

First, I found this picture that I wanted to share from the previous night.  After the ice cream and sunset, we headed for our cabin.  I thought this was a great picture of one of the girls looking out at their last view of Alaska.  

So we woke up and we were in Canada....ya hoser. 

And immediately welcomed with some spectacular scenery!  
This lighthouse was just too much fun to photograph.  

I've been looking on the map to try and find what this town was called...but I can't find it.  Looked like an amazing little town.

No idea what they were talking about but it looks intense.

More whales!!  This one was on its way out but I just managed to grab this picture of it doing a big tale slap.

Just chilling on the back deck...passing time.

One of the few moments the girls were actually still.  I think it only lasted a few minutes.

Yep.  Back to shenanigans.
So while we were sitting out on the back deck, the captain comes out of nowhere LOOKING for us and invited us up to the wheelhouse for a tour!!  We were caught off guard but he had actually come around when we were waiting to get on the ship back in Haines and struck up a conversation.  He had mentioned he would invite us up but that was nearly 4 days earlier so we had kind of lost hope.  Boy were we excited to go up and get a private tour! 

The captain actually took this picture of us sitting in his seat!!!  What a nice guy!

So while we're up in the wheelhouse, something amazing happened.  Out of nowhere, a huge pod of dolphins or porpoises started to jump ALL around the front of the boat.  It lasted about 10 minutes and we had the best view on the boat.

Look in the foreground of this one to see the one I caught completely out of the water.

After that, we headed down for one last dinner aboard the ship.  I want to say this is when some orcas actually swam by in the opposite direction.  There was something weird going on (like I had just sat down for dinner while Lisa was escorting the girls to the bathroom).  Lisa and the girls caught a glimpse but I had the camera and I missed it!!  Too bad, that would have been amazing.

Speaking of, here's our last sunset on the boat.  Again, I can't believe we had such perfect weather the whole way down.  Unreal.  

After this sunset, we got the girls in bed and Lisa and I started packing up all our gear because.  Our arrival into Bellingham was early in the morning.  Once on land again, we would have a 6 or 7 hour drive to get to our new home!

Hope you are all enjoying this as much as I have been.  Thanks for all of your donations...hoping we can make a big push this last week!!

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Your statement are so final! Don't you think yoou'll ever go back to visit AK?