Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Evening post!

I was going through some older photos and realized I never finished sharing pictures from our trip up to Hatcher Pass. We pick it up on our drive down the Willow Creek Valley. It was extremely scenic...the pictures just don't do it justice.

I especially wanted to share these pictures. I will cherish this forever...the first time I really took the girls fishing with us. We borrowed these backpacks for the weekend to see if it was something we'd like to invest in. We did not. Even though they can handle an additional 20 pounds more than what the girls weighed, it was PAINFUL to carry them up there. BUT...it gave us some great memories.

And yes, I caught a nice sized salmon but it was in spawning mode so not very appealing. We did a quick release where we didn't really touch it...just landed it and let it flop itself off the hook and back into the creek.

And a video. I just took this video this evening. The girls (especially Alyssa) have been showing interest in potty training. Today I was changing her diaper and she asked to sit on the big potty. I did what any good Dad would do and grabbed the camera. I almost can't wait until she's a teen-ager so I can go back and show her this on youtube.

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