Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I can't believe how fast time is flying. So fast that apparently it affects my ability to sit down at the computer long enough to post!

What motivated me today to post? Well, I happened to check how many hits we had yesterday and was surprised to see that we're still getting 15 hits a day. That tells me that you guys haven't given up on us even if it has been forever since my last post. Thanks. I know I say this at least once a month but I'll try...

It's a shame too because the girls are growing up so freaking fast. They are even talking like little humans. They are able to tell us what's wrong (which is SO great!) and what they want. Of course that means when they don't get what they want, things can get nasty. They are definitely well into their terrible twos but we're managing. They respond well to time-outs and a stern voice...if that doesn't work, we just put them out in the cold.

They also have quite the attitude. Last night, I asked Katy if I could lay down next to her during story time. She said very decisively "NO Daddy. Go sit by door" and pointed toward the door. Lisa laughed at me as I was a little caught off guard. So I started to ask her why she wanted me to sit way over by the door and she interrupted me and just held up her index finger (to shoosh me) and then pointed to the door again. So I sat by the door during story time. :(

One reason we haven't been posting is we haven't been taking many pictures. Since our last fishing adventure, we just haven't been doing much of anything exciting. It has been a very dry October...we finally just got our first snow Sunday night and got our second storm today. FINALLY! It's been relatively warm and kinda strange without snow on the ground.

Halloween came and went...nothing exciting. No we didn't dress them up as anything. We really struggled with our parental responsibilities during a 2 year old's Halloween...but, meh. We just didn't think it was worth the effort. But they LOVED their pumkins or as they say "pumpins". Seriously, they loved them.

Their hair is getting SO long. They have never been too keen on keeping barrettes in their hair but lately, it's getting so long that they are asking for something to get it out of their face. It's still very curly.

I think we have more pictures somewhere...I'll have to go through and find some. I took this video this evening to show them doing their circle dance. They do this at their dance class every week when everyone sits in a big circle and they take turns running around. They like to pretend they are at dance class and get all of their stuffed animals and blankets and whatever, put them in a circle, and then run around. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting that you use "struggled with our parental responsibilities" to describe celebration of a holiday? These moments are like miracles - usually only only come around once. Is snow really that exciting?

Honey said...

Andy, I know what you mean about two year olds and Halloween. They will have no memories of it so why put them through the whole "begging" for candy dressed up like....let's say...ballerina, when you can dress them up as a ballerina and let them play with their pumpins and capture THAT on film. NOW THAT'S A MEMORY!! I love your post!
Still jealous of the snow; thinking about coming for your b-day again!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

We had as kids and continue to have great memories of Halloween as adults. We didn't and don't call it begging - we called it fun with our friends, adults and children. Hay rides, parties, parades, music and friendship.