Thursday, October 08, 2009

I couldn't wait

I was going to wait until later to share some of the pictures and videos from this morning but just couldn't. They are SO freaking cute. Both of them are becoming more independent which is met with mixed emotions from me and Lisa on the sideline.

There was more of us sitting on the side than ever and the girls occasionally running over to make sure we were watching and give us a hug. Lisa eventually went out and helped which is always HILARIOUS! I believe there are some pictures (and maybe videos) of me doing just that last week when Lisa couldn't make it to class. I'll have to dig those up....maybe.

There were also more girls than I've seen before so it was hard for Teresa to give everyone attention.

This was hilarious. Teresa told everybody to lay down. Amazingly, all the girls did this on their own...except our girls who needed some help from Lisa. Teresa was astonished when she turned around and saw everybody already laying in a perfect semi-circle.

My little soldier baby girls waiting patiently for their turn.

Now for a couple videos.

They both used to just stand there and watch. Look how much Alyssa is participating. Makes us so proud!


Anonymous said...

OHHH How I love those videos! Thank you Andy for posting those. I can't tell you how much I miss you guys and those girls. I just absolutely fell in love with them. How is piggy mail box?

Love You All

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and moving - how poetic. Wonder where they got all that talent from? We will have to have a "private" recital at Christmas!

Grandpa and Nana