Friday, October 16, 2009


Not sure how to react. I posted earlier on Facebook that I didn't receive an interview for a position in the lower 48 that I thought I would be competitive for., we're not exactly actively looking to move out of Alaska. I applied for a position that is on my short SHORT list. It was a lead job in Portland, OR. It is somewhere we would definitely like to live but timing wasn't ideal for us.

So I didn't expect to get the job. Honestly, I didn't. It's extremely competitive and I knew some of the people who bid on it. They are fantastic people and I have a good feeling that one of them will get that job and excel.

BUT!!!! I think I am competitive...obviously or I wouldn't have applied. From day one, I have said that I just want an interview so I have a chance to get to know the MIC and for him to get to know me. It is very disheartening to learn that my references weren't even contacted. I know this is over simplifying a complex process...but to me that means that on paper, I'm not even worthy of a phone call. It is making me rethink my whole approach to my job. What do I need to do to make myself look better on paper? And that sucks because everything I do at work is because I believe in it or because I think I am helping the office or other people. It doesn't necessarily translate to the resume. Do I really want to be the kind of person that just does stuff that looks good on the resume?

Regardless, my approach is going to change. I'm going to be making some changes at work to insure that I am competitive by lower 48 standards. I am going to use this as a wake up call. I am going to re-evaluate my priorities. I am going to listen to advice from people outside my office that have a different perspective.

As you can tell, I'm a little frustrated...but motivated. This is going to sting for a while but I'll just have to use that to fuel the fire.


Jason said...

Holler if you would like some ideas; been there several times and have helped a couple of other folks with the whole process as well. It seems like it doesn't make sense at times but there is some method to the madness...

Dad said...

Don't beat yourself up about not being called or having your references called. You're right about needing to look good "on paper" so you can get onto the short list. The first step in the screening process is the most impersonal, and a lot a good people never get the chance to show their stuff. That's just the way it is. But I'm not sure it requires you to make wholesale changes to your priorities because I trust your judgment now on setting thoughtful priorities. It may be as simple as reworking your resume a little to better convey some qualities that you haven't commuicated well. The bottom line is...When the right job is there, you WILL be interviewed, and you WILL be selected. Until then, keep looking for the pony (ask me if you don't understand).