Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

It's about 10 minutes till midnight so I ran downstairs real fast to wish everyone a happy new year!

It has been a very hectic week. I've been working the swing shift which makes it hard to get anything accomplished. I'm off for the next couple of days so hopefully I'll catch up on everything, including the blog.

In the mean time...I was looking through my favorite website and came across a thread that posed the question "what was the most memorable moment of 2008?" It ended up being a great exercise in remembering what has happened the last year. I went back and looked at every post on our blog for the last year and remembered some great moments.

What it boiled down to were three moments. 1) taking our vacation to Ohio, Indiana, and Texas and letting most of our family and friends meet the girls for the first time. 2) watching the girls grow up this year but specifically....watching them learn how to walk. What a treat it has been to see them make that huge milestone in their lives. 3) finally...and to end on a solemn note, having to deal with Madison very suddenly dying this year. Lisa and I still miss her daily. I honestly don't think a day has gone by where we didn't think about her and wish she was still around.

So sorry to bring everyone down a little bit there. It really has been a great year. We laughed and cried...but we laughed a lot more.

Makes us wonder what 2009 has in store for us. I hope everyone else had as much fun last year and celebrates the new year with as much anticipation as we do.

I can't post without a picture so here's another teaser of the Christmas pictures. This is actually my favorite picture from that morning. It's Katy being...beautiful.

if that doesn't make you want to go out and buy a D90, I don't know what will!

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Anonymous said...

Enough with the teasing! I want babies on Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Love you all,