Friday, December 05, 2008

....and an earthquake

I forgot that we had an earthquake last week too. It was our first in a while. I was at work when we started feeling the room shake, I had time to pick up the phone, call Lisa, and her answer and we could both still feel it going on. It was a 5.2 that was pretty far away from us but that's a pretty significant size earthquake so no wonder it lasted so long. No worries, it didn't wake up the girls.

I promised some videos and funny stories. Well, sorry on the funny stories. I am currently having trouble getting my new camera to copy pictures over...SAM!!! I need help!!!

In the mean time if you need a laugh, read Sam and Cindy's latest entry in their blog. If you are on the will explain why these two are our best friends. Well written Cindy. This is GOLD!!!

And now for some recent videos. The first is the night that it was snowing pretty good. The girls were amazed and kept going to the window and looking outsides and saying "Moh?" and "Woooow". Unfortunately I didn't get any of the mohs on video but I finally did get a wow from Alyssa.

The second one...well it's just Alyssa being funny. I have NO idea where they learned this from. I'm sure it was Lisa. Be sure to turn up the volume on this one....LOUD!!


Honey said...

WOW!.....on all accounts!

Lisa said...

Love it, she's trying to mimick daddy!!! :)

Great vids guys