Monday, December 08, 2008

Warm days are here again

...well, warm is a relative term. I'll define warm for my purposes as being above freezing. Above freezing in December = YUCK! What a mess! Roads thawed out and are approaching undrivable in the neighborhood. So far, the major roads are still okay but with colder air coming soon, it's going to be EXTRA slickery (that is Lisa's word) soon.

So what else have we been up to this week? Not too much. The girls are very active and itching to get outside. Before it got "warm", we took them out for a walk. We were a couple houses down the street when I turned around to see a moose walking through our yard. The girls were SO excited. We got lots of "wows" and "whoahs". We stayed there and watched the moose for 10 minutes or so until she walked away. The girls couldn't understand why we couldn't get closer. They got a little upset toward the end but now they are constantly going to the balcony window and signing moose and looking. It's too bad cause last night and tonight after they went to bed, there was a big bull that has been walking around.

This first picture is from last night when Lisa and I stayed up way too late to watch a movie and after the movie was over, this guy walks through our driveway and down the street to the neighbors house.

Tonight on my way home, the same bull and a cow were hanging out about a block from the house. I grabbed the camera and got these couple of pictures of the bull. The last one you can see how big he is. Not nearly as big as the one I saw by the office but definitely a stud for the area.

Bored with the moose photos/stories? Too bad! We love'em! But you probably want to hear more about the girls. I know I'm missing something but I can't remember anything exciting that's happened this week. These next photos were the girls looking through our photo albums. We have 10 photo albums...from back in the day before digital cameras...that the girls have access to and LOVE to look through. They usually are on the ground when they're flipping through but this day, we gave them the albums on the couch I was going to narrow down which photos I shared but they are all great so you get to see them all.

Here's a quick photo that I took when the lights were out. I know it looks pretty bright in the picture, it's the camera. It's just too good!

And a pic from our bedroom window of the snow in our backyard. I think I took this picture at about 3:30pm if you're wondering.

And for those of you lucky fans that are still with me. I have a couple videos to share. The first is the girls goofing off one morning. They love their music and LOVE to dance. Unfortunately, they lose interest as soon as they see the camera is out but in those first couple of seconds, you can see them shake their thing.

The second video is non-girl related...but still funny. I have to set it up a little. We were watching the Texans-Packers game (my favorite two teams) and not really listening to the game, the announcer caught my attention with some high-pitched screaching. I had to rewind to figure out what he was talking about. Ends up it's pretty hilarious.

The punter for the Texans on the play before thought he was going to get his punt blocked so he tucked the ball and started running upfield. Surprisinly, he was able to get a first down. The announcer is reliving that moment when he decided to tuck the ball and run. Hilarious. The video isn't really necessary, just listen to what the announcer is saying.

Later in the game, the same announcer said after a fumble "the devil lives at the bottom of that pile". If you know football, you'll understand that comment. I don't know who that guy was but he was pretty funny.

So happy Monday everyone. Christmas decorations will be going up on Tuesday so stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, and happy holidays!

The pictures of the bull moose are amazing. I had no concept of how large those animals are until I had the vehicle comparison. WOW! My youngest asks to look at your site almost daily, and she wants to meet a moose now.

Your girls are growing so quickly. They're just darling. I love the pictures of their toys all around your living/family room. I remember those days well (and honestly am still kind of living them). Did you ever read that toys all around like that make for a smarter child? A true fact. :)

Laurie in OH