Thursday, January 01, 2009

FINALLY...Christmas pictures

Alright...finally got around to it. Here are the rest of the pictures from Christmas morning. I was tempted to just post them all...but I took almost 100. That might be a little extreme so I'll narrow it down to these.

And THANK YOU to everyone who sent presents for us or the girls. As you'll be able to tell, the girls LOVED unwrapping and playing with their new toys/books/clothes.

The girls were initially very excited about Elmo but then once Elmo starting talking and dancing...things got a little more scary.

Notice how they are keeping their distance now.

You can see how fast she was trying to unwrap the presents. I was really surprised how fast they got into it.

We had a white Christmas! Second year in a row it has snowed all day on Christmas. This year, we picked up almost 6 inches during the day.
Alyssa taking a break to look out at all the "moh".
I got the girls a's a great story about a raccoon mom and baby. The pictures are great but I got it because of all the different animals in the book. The girls love to point at all the animals.

Katy looks pretty happy with her new clothes.
A real surprise...and Lisa's Dad and Terri made the girls a book of ours and their pictures. It's amazing! The girls really love it!

And finally the girls helping open DahDah's present from MahMah.
A new tripod!!!!Obligatory babies playing in the boxes that the presents came in pictures

Later that evening we hosted our first Christmas dinner for some friends. We didn't time everything quite right so everyone had to wait a little extra for dinner to show up after we put the girls down for bed. This was the result....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

The pics were well worth the wait. How very cute they are! I can't believe the snow. I hardly recognize that its your street! Miss you, love you. Would fly to AK right now if I could.


Honey said...

Dad and I can't wait to get there!
We are counting the day.....wait, you havne't approved the dates yet so I don't know how many days we have to count.

Did you get some videos Christmas? Can we see them?

Much love, Mom

josh said...

great pictures! looks like a fun christmas