Thursday, December 11, 2008

a quick late night Christmas fix

Well, everything is up. Well, almost. Lowe's has decided that the new carpet will not be installed until after Christmas so after setting up our fake tree downstairs last night, we have moved it all upstairs. Great fun....thanks Lowe's.

So tonight officially marked the beginning of Christmas spirit for us. It hit me like a wave. We've had snow on the ground for the better part of the last 2 months so the weather really doesn't dictate the holiday spirit for me. We shopped for a Christmas tree for the first time in our lives INDOORS!! That hurt. It's a bit sacrilegious but we had to get our first fake tree of our lives this year. Last year's tree was just way too dry after only a week...we couldn't imagine doing that again, especially how curious the girls are going to be. The needles falling off...ahhh, no thanks. So we went for the big fat fake tree this year. We looked at a couple places but if you're going to buy a fake tree, you gotta buy it from the ultimate fake tree provider....Sears!!!

So we went to Sears and found our dream fake Christmas tree lined up in the middle of a field of other fake Christmas trees. Our 500 pound Sears associate helped us choose the perfect one and rung me up in the comfort of 72 degrees with secular Christmas music blaring over the loudspeakers.

The whole experience was a little odd to both of thank goodness, I brought the camera with us so we could share it with everyone!

I mentioned that the temperatures have been a little on the "warm" side the last couple of days. Well mix that with a nice solid pack of snow on the roads and some wind...and you get a perfectly polished ice covered road. It looks like a zamboni drove down our streets and smoothed everything out. Without studded tires, it would be nearly impossible to drive on.

And yes I took those pictures while driving. This last one is on my driveway. We got home and I wanted to show how slickery it is.

Here is our fake tree on top of the car.

Okay, we really didn't drive home with a fake tree on top of the car. But we really wanted to! I couldn't resist putting the tree up there and "faking" the picture once we got home.

More pictures of the actual decorating tomorrow. I hope all of you have gotten into the spirit because I certainly have!!!

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