Saturday, September 13, 2008

We have our first WALKER!!!!!

So I wanted to share all these pictures and videos of the girls these last couple of weeks since we've been home from our vacation. Well that was the plan this weekend until they started WALKING yesterday.

This first video is the morning of. Katy has been very vocal this week so I got out the camera to do a quick video of her new story telling...ended up being a pretty funny moment at the end.

Then...a little bit later it just clicked. Alyssa started walking without our help. It was amazing!! She was giggling and having a blast. It was so hilarious.

Katy, who has been behind Alyssa on everything by a couple weeks seemed to catch on too. Suddenly it was a game for her to want to be walked around holding our fingers. It's been a fun 2 days of bending over and walking them around the house.

Today, Katy started letting go of our fingers and walking. Katy has walked on her own about 10 feet. Alyssa is walking down the hallway, turning around and coming back. SHE HAS IT DOWN!!

This last video is earlier today when Katy started letting go for the first time. It was just an hour ago tonight when she walked about 10 feet. Who knows what tomorrow is going to bring us!!??


Matt and Stacey said...

Yeah! How exciting! Life will never be the same again. Enjoy it now as it is their first step towards "independence"

Matt, Stacey, Drew and Addie

christin said...

Woohoo!!!! Connor, Rachele, Olivia, and Aunt Christin are cheering you two on!!!

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO - go girls go!!! Can't wait for the walks, perhaps runs on the beach in Hawaii.

josh said...

i keep smiling, thanks for keeping us up on the milestones!

Tom said...

Yeahyeah! Glad to see the ladies are enjoying it!