Monday, September 08, 2008

Texas vacation: part 2

I pick up our last installment of Vacation 2008 as Lisa and I travelled with the girls to College Station, home to Texas A&M University. What a beautiful campus! The tall building to the left is the Eller Building where all my meteorology classes were...on the top floor. I love that place. I spent SOOO many hours there. We had to get some pictures in the flag room at the student center. We thought we'd be able to let the girls play around quietly....yeah, that didn't happen. We couldn't put them down so we just took a couple pictures of us holding them. What else could we do? We also wanted to take some pictures of us with the girls on their first trip so we can compare on future trips.

The Century Tree. I believe it was planted in 1876 when the university was founded. Many, many, many Aggies have gotten engaged under this tree.
We didn't get engaged under the tree...but we may have shared a kiss or two....or three.

What a beautiful tree!
Lisa's psychology building.
My dorm...second story right next to the tree in the picture. What's crazy about this is back in the day (wasn't too long ago I suppose), this dorm was the only remaining UN air conditioned dorm. That's right...I survived 2 long and hot semesters living in an un air conditioned dorm in southeast Texas. NOW THEY HAVE AIR CONDITIONERS!!!! Oh, come on!
A funny car we saw in the parking garage.

Many memories were made at these two fields. We LOVED going to our baseball games!
One more thing before we left College Station...a Route 44 Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. That's 44 ounces of sugar, carbonated water, some other ingredients, and deliciousness!
Andy: "Lisa, what do YOU want to do before we leave Texas."

Lisa: "Fuddruckers"

I teased Lisa for wanting to go so bad...I was wrong. That was one delicious burger.
More time with family. This is the girls spending some quality time with their cousin, Tyler. Tyler was fitted for a helmet that is going to help shape his head. He didn't mind it at all...didn't slow him down one bit.
Andy: "Hey everyone, can you watch the girls for one night? Lisa and I really want to have a date night. Where'd you like to go Lisa?"

Lisa: "Babins"
I know we live in a state known for the best seafood in the world but Babins is unique to Houston and was our favorite place to go. It did not disappoint. We ate and drank our hearts content. This is a before and after of Lisa's favorite drink....the Fall Off the Porch Ice Tea. MMMM, so good.
Look how happy she is.
And my choice of drink? Shiner Bock on tap....MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!
Friends, friends, friends. Time to go see all of our friends. Actually, we didn't get to see nearly enough of our friends and wasn't able to see everyone. The folks we were able to meet up with were amazing. What a blast. It reminded us why it was so hard to leave that place (besides family of course). What wonderful, wonderful people.

Back at ground zero...I mean Scott's house, the girls fell in love with Tyler's rocking chair. We are definitely going to have to get EACH one of them one of those. They could not wait to have their turn.
One more meeting with friends at...where else in Houston but a Mexican Restaurant.

Some wonderful people in this picture. I didn't realize this until afterward but after Lisa left, many of these people got different jobs and also moved to different parts of Houston. This was truly a reunion. Lisa was moved to tears when we had to say goodbye. She really does love every one of you!

A picture of me enjoying a fish bowl sized margarita. MMMMMMM again!

One last night with family. My other cousin Josh and his 31 week pregnant wife, Bethany.
Uncle Cary and Austin having fun.
Katy really got into the Olympics.
Final visit with Mammaw. Too many emotions to share here again but.... it was very hard to say goodbye. Really difficult moment for us.
So there you go! Vacation 2008 is complete. I can't say it enough but thank you everyone who put up with us during our trip. We are sincerely sorry we couldn't spend more time with...well, everyone! We love you all!

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