Monday, September 29, 2008


After several hundreds of pictures...I finally have some time to play around with the photos and take a look at how great they are. First off...TOTALLY worth the price for that camera. We are SO happy with it. We are going to take some phenomenal photos the next couple of years. These pictures are just a sample of the first couple that we've taken with our new toy. I can't wait to learn more.
This is Katy demonstrating the sign for book. Actually, she was a little frustrated that I wouldn't put down the camera and read her a book.

We woke up a little grumpy one day from our nap so I grabbed the camera and took a couple pics to show them later in life.

I think this was last weekend...we went up to Eklutna Lake (about 40 miles away from our house) to take in some of the fall scenery. If you haven't seen our fall pictures before, it is GORGEOUS! September is definitely my favorite month.

We set up shop in the back of the truck for some lunch. The girls loved it. They especially loved point and waving to every person that walked or drove by. We had a few people stop and tell us how cute our babies we didn't know.

I'm telling you, I have dozens and dozens of pictures that we need to share.

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Todd said...

Nice!!! Those are awesome. You are going to love the D90. I'm still learning new features with my D80, but absolutely love it.