Friday, August 15, 2008

We're coming home tomorrow!

It's been an amazing adventure but we're finally coming home tomorrow. We have SO many pictures to share.

The biggest news is that girls are taking steps on their own now. Alyssa holds the record with 8 little steps before falling forward. 8!!!! Katy has taken 2 or 3 steps at a time.

Thanks for the folks who have emailed or posted comments from home. We miss you too! It feels nice to be missed (not just from the family that has to miss you :)

Regarding the terrible experience on the flight to Dayton on Continental...I wanted to wait until our trip back to Houston to see how we were treated by a different crew. It was the same size plane so I knew we would run into the same problems. We did but this time was MUCH better. Eventhough it was the most difficult trip for the girls (Katy screamed for an hour and a half straight), the flight attendant was 1000% nicer to us and more helpful. I'll share all the details once we get home.

Now the long flight home. I haven't said anything to anybody but I'm REALLY not looking forward to this flight. The girls have progressively gotten worse during the flights so I don't know what to expect for this one. It's an afternoon/evening flight so hopefully they'll get tired and go to sleep but who knows?! Say a prayer for us.

Sorry to those of you we weren't able to see (and there were lots) and to those we saw but didn't see enough of (pretty much everyone). We will definitely plan our next trip differently.

Stories...and finally some come soon!


Anonymous said...

Lots of prayers and good wishes from me for a happy, quiet flight home. I totally understand the stress in flying with multiple kids.

We'll catch you the next time you get this way....but in the meantime will continue to enjoy your writing and pictures from afar. :)

Laurie in OH

Anonymous said...

Seeing you guys was wonderful!!!! I know the flight will be a challenge but you have awesome babies. I don't care what any flight attendant or fellow passenger thinks. I loved seeing you and the girls. They are so obviously loved and loving.