Wednesday, August 27, 2008

back to Ohio

Back to Ohio just in time to meet Lisa's life long friend who drove all the way from St. Louis to spend the weekend with us. Amy (who is a real trooper at 8 months pregnant), her mom, and Amy's 3 year old son Jacob. We had a blast during the weekend...lots of laying low and letting the kids play.

...except when everyone went to the Air Force Museum. I actually stayed home with the girls to let them get a good nap.
Looking gooooood!
Future pilot....Jacob.
Back to the ranch to enjoy some cool Ohio evenings.

One of Alyssa's many new tricks...hiding in a bucket.

We took a walk every day around the neighborhood.
This is actually the best of 5 pictures we tried to take. The girls just couldn't keep it together. Jacob was Mr. Photogenic.

Suddenly, babies started dropping out of the sky. I caught this one.

Our last couple of days in Ohio, we spent with Uncle Keith and another life long friend Renee and her family. This is our evening at Uncle Keith's new house in Dayton. AWESOME house!
RENEE!!! For those of you who don't know, Alyssa's middle name is Renee. This is who she is named after...a very dear friend. Her husband Scott fits perfectly into our family of friends. He is always so much fun. Renee's two kids, Emma and Spencer, were a hoot. The 4 of the kids had a ton of fun together that evening.
Emma...looks SO much like Renee.
Katy going for the camera.
Another great twin shot. Katy was having some separation anxiety. Look at the panic on her face.
This is a great series of pictures. Spencer went over to show Alyssa something and accidentally....
poked her in the eye........but Scott swooped in and showed Alyssa the proper defense against the eye jab.
What a BLAST!!!! We had so much fun. There were several people we didn't get to see that we really wanted to (LAURIE IN OH!!! to name one). The good news is we'll always have family and friends in the Dayton area so we'll return soon enough to have some more fun.

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Anonymous said...

What cute pictures of so many cute kids! It's been fun reading about your trip with my 4 year old this morning.

It's my own fault I missed you.....dumb old Twins Festival that took us out of town the weekend you were in Ohio! Considering our business is based here, there's very little danger we're moving, so we'll catch you next time. :)

Laurie in OH