Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Vacation:Part 1 is over

So sad...and exciting at the same time...that we are moving on to the next phase of our vacation tomorrow. Lisa and I quickly counted and we came up with 35 new family and friends that the girls have met the last 10 days. There's been a lot more...but that just includes all the people that spent at least an hour or two with the girls. 35!!! That's a lot of people! The sad part is we didn't have enough time. Next time we do a vacation like this, we will definitely do two separate vacations so we can spend more time with everyone. Not bad for our first trip but we could have done better.

Vacation:Part 2 should be just as exciting. We have a huge family and tons of old friends that can't wait to meet the girls.

The girls have done pretty good. I think our fear is being realized...that we are losing our routine. The girls naps were so consistent every day and now that we've changed their routine around, it's not nearly as consistent. One girl, at least one nap, is not going to plan. Today, it was Alyssa's turn to skip the afternoon nap. They are still doing great at night but the naps have been definitely altered. We'll see how it goes in Texas.

So farewell Ohio and Indiana and all the family and friends that we were able to visit. We will miss you all. If we didn't see you, we'll see you again sometime soon...just too hectic this time. And hello Texas!!! Here we come. I hope there's room for us in the second biggest state in the country. :)

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I wanna turn, I wanna turn, I wanna turn.... No pressure tho'