Sunday, August 24, 2008

Next stop on the vacation....


The drive to Indianapolis was a bit more exciting than we were hoping for. We got off to a much later start than we were planning on. We thought, well at least they will sleep all the way down to Indy...nope, after 45 minutes they were wide awake and hungry. So on top of a late departure, we had to make an unexpected stop to feed the girls. Already running late, we go out to the van to make a quick change of diapers and in the middle of the diaper swap, Alyssa peed. So now we had to do a complete outfit change in the parking lot. I immediately saw the humor in all of this and grabbed the camera for a quick couple of shots. Lisa had to warm up to the idea that it was funny.

On to Indianapolis where Lisa's Dads side of the family was anxiously waiting our arrival. We were able to visit with many members of the family that we haven't seen in years...and some I hadn't met before. It was a short visit but fun-filled. The girls warmed up really fast to Grandma Boroczk and everyone else. They were on the floor in no time showing off all of their tricks.
We all gathered at Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob's house just outside of Indy.
Grandma Boroczk even got to feed the girls.

One of the things we were a little worried about going into the trip was how the girls would handle all the new places and people. There was always a 20 or 30 minute warm up period but they really surprised us how fast they were running around and playing.
More twins in the family! Lisa's cousins Stacey and Stephanie.
Breakfast the next morning. Alyssa had a hard time getting to bed that night but after she finally fell asleep, they slept like champs. We had to wake them up at around 9am.

Stephanie works for the Indy PD with a drug sniffing dog. She brought him by the next morning and let him sniff out some drugs that she hid around the cars. Pretty amazing.
The girls came out to watch the demonstration.

An awesome side trip. I know I've said it before but I wish we had planned this vacation differently. It would have been nice to spend more time in Indy. We had a lot of fun the 20 hours or so that we were there.

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