Monday, August 02, 2010

Scary moments...and healing

So much to catch you up on...

I think most of you who know us have followed what's been happening on Facebook. Just in case you don't know, Lisa's dad had a very scary day on Friday. He went to the hospital after weeks of back pain and waking up to MRI and an ambulance ride to another hospital (lights and sirens) later, he was diagnosed with cancer and rushed into surgery to remove part of his spine that was causing him to almost be paralyzed. There is a tumor on his spine and he is still going through several tests to determine exactly how they are going to attack this but doctors seem to be very optimistic that this is treatable. We are still praying for a speedy recovery from the surgery (and he still may have a second one coming soon). The subsequent tests and xrays are proving to be quite difficult and painful so even as he heals, he's facing adversity. Keep him in your prayers!

So Lisa took off Sunday night to go spend the week with him...lift his spirits and support him through this difficult time. Me and the girls are ...just hanging out. Inspired by my brother-in-laws CRAZY trip with his daughter in Durango, CO (actually where Lisa and I spent part of our honeymoon!) I am trying to make the most of this father/daughter time. I am determined to get out every day and make memories...much like Tom and Olivia are.

And yes, that is a tow plane because they are gliding! Best part is my sister didn't know some of these details so it's fun to follow and see what they are going to do each day.

No, I'm not taking the girls white water rafting or anything. BUT I did take them for their longest tricycle ride yet! I hopped on my bike and they jumped on their tricycles and they biked 1.1 miles to the park!!! Couldn't believe they actually made it. I brought the trailer with me just in case they didn't but I was still quite impressed they made it all the way.

I'm including a map that shows just how far they went.

View Tricycle to the park in a larger map
The marker on the map was from our one scary experience today. We actually had a moose encounter. I've seen hundreds...maybe over 1000 moose in the last 6 years...but this was by far the scariest encounter. We came out of the tunnel under Arctic Blvd and surprised a moose. She was about 30 feet away which is pretty close but we've been closer. Whatever happened, she spooked and actually took several very deliberate steps toward me and the girls. Every other time this would have happened would have been no big deal because I could have just biked away but the girls were on their tricycles and I couldn't grab them both. I positioned my bike and the trailer between the girls and the moose and it stopped advancing toward us. I seriously had to yell at the girls to "GOOOOO!!!!" because they didn't understand. They are trying to go around me because they were excited that there was a moose to see. Thankfully, the moose stopped moving toward us and I was able to coral the girls and get them to move down the path again. But those 30 seconds...I thought I was about to punch a moose! I was literally shaking for 10 minutes after that. Kinda scary.

Not to scare Lisa or anything (she already knows the story anyway) but we have more adventures and memories to make this week while Dennis gets better.

Keep him in your prayers...and evidently us too!

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L said...

I read on Facebook about Lisa's trip but wasn't sure what the story was. Glad to hear her dad is recovering, but sorry for the surgery and the tough days ahead. He'll be in my prayers.

Also glad to hear you guys didn't get stomped! It would be so scary to face something like that with the girls since they are too little to understand.