Friday, August 06, 2010

Mommy returns!

As much as I've enjoyed my time with the girls, I'm looking forward to Lisa's return tomorrow night. We've had lots more highs than lows but it is challenging. I started to post on Facebook but for some reason deleted doesn't take a village to raise a child, but it definitely takes more than one to raise toddler twins!!

The weather didn't cooperate with my grand plans so instead, we stayed pretty close to home this week. The most exciting news to come from our camp is that I got fed up with the late nights so I started experimenting more with skipping naps. Funny, suddenly their tantrums in the evenings are music to my ears because I know what it means...SLEEP!!! Sure enough, last night was the longest they have slept in .... I can't remember how long. 12.5 hours straight!!! It was GLORIOUS!!!

Today wasn't quite as active as yesterday but we still got outside and took a tricycle ride after it stopped raining. I just calculated it on Google Maps and it was a whopping 1.4 miles!! Wow! To be fair, they couldn't make it up the last hill into the neighborhood so I carried their bikes...BUT...they didn't want to walk with me, they actually jogged the rest of the way home. So 1.2 miles on the tricycle and .2 miles jogging. Not bad for a 3 year old. If we add a lap in a pool, they'll be officially training for a Toddler Triathlon!!

I'm anticipating some more sleeping babies tonight. Last night I watched Star Trek on blu ray (freaking GREAT movie!). Tonight, I'll be watching Sherlock Holmes.

And I finally took some pictures. Actually I took the video and then the girls wanted me to take a couple pictures of here ya go.

We have something that we like to call "Katy-isms". These include a variety of anecdotes from almost saying the right word ... marshmallows = marshpillows ... something = sumpin to the funny way she says things like "reach for the skyyyy" (which I really need to get a video of) to this. Before Lisa left, we were washing Katy's hair and I was going over the alphabet to distract her while Lisa scrubbed away. When we got to "J", I showed her how to do it and she repeated. I made the comment "That's a MEAN J" and she proceeded to do this. Instant classic.

Lisa gets home late tomorrow night (anybody want to pick her up?!?!). Can't wait! I have really enjoyed my time with the girls but I'm ready to go back to being apart of a team!


Dad said...

Andy, You are terrific. And so are the girls. I know you are anxious for Lisa to be home. Please let her know we think of her and Dennis continually. I can't wait to be there and get in on the action.
Love, Dad

Amy said...

Andy, I laughed so hard watching the "mean J" video that I spit on the monitor!! Classic! I will have to show this to jacob tomorrow--he totally gets the Brown twins' humor!

Love to you all!