Sunday, August 22, 2010

RV trip complete!

3 days, 2 nights, and 610 miles in an RV! Totally worth it! We took a couple hundred pictures that we need to sort through. I am EXHAUSTED so I am just going to share a couple from the first day to give you a taste. But before I do, I have to tell my Alaskan friends that the drive from Maclaren River to Paxson rivals Denali National Park. That is some of the most beautiful scenery we've come across in this state.

The day before we left, I realized that we couldn't pick up the RV until noon! NOON!! That put a bit of a damper on my plans of an early departure. We managed to be on the road at about 1:30pm for the first 240 miles of our journey. The girls were excited and ready to go!!

One hour later....

Girls figured out a way to entertain themselves...reading!

I decided to sport the rugged man look for this trip.

When we got to Cantwell, we hung a right and entered new territory. One of the reasons we took this trip is because it's something we've never done. Approximately 100 of the 130 mile long road from Cantwell to Paxson is unpaved. It is really a beast of a drive...but well worth it! Once we got on the road, we realized just how loud the vibrations in the RV were going to be. The girls did not like it at all so Lisa had to sit back with them while we took on the first 30 miles of the road to our first campsite. Driving was rough. I was constantly having to dodge the big potholes. Average speed (not including stops to take pictures and rest) was about 25-30 mph the first day.

As beautiful as this is...this isn't what I'm referring to as the section that rivals Denali National Park. This is merely the beginning.

While Lisa and I were loving it, the girls were done with their car seats.

View outside the girls' window.

"What do you think Katy??"

So that gets us almost to our first campsite! More tomorrow.

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